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How to Choose Sofa

Creating a comfortable home has become the dream and plan of many people in recent years, and I found that the most important thing in interior design is to solve the living room design. How to choose sofa and brand has become the core of it because sofa is not only the largest and most conspicuous furniture in the living room but also carries more function for the home or public area.

01 How to Choose Sofa

Why is sofa so important?

Many celebrities have prioritized the sofa in their interior design. Kardashians revealed her office a while back. It feels just like her wibbly-wobbly mansion. With sofas in multiple areas to lounge on, this office is more comfortable than a home.

02 Kardashians Office Sofa

The sofa in her home is even more exaggerated, forming a huge arc that feels like you can do whatever you want.

03 Kardashians Home Sofa

Sofa is the heart of home for royalty, too. The living room of Buckingham Palace is a theatrical stage in The Crown drama (Created by Netflix in 2016).

04 Sofa in The Crown

In reality, however, Prince Charles was recently revealed to be reluctant to move to Buckingham Palace because this old palace is not modern enough, and his Clarence House is “very comfortable.”
The interior design of Clarence House is indeed homely, with a garden room that could be used as an additional sitting room and old-school sofas taking up most space.

05 Sofa in Clarence House

A sofa will always keep you warm and relaxed in the comfort of your home. It embraces your exhaustion throughout the day and records the most relaxed you while also helping you to connect emotionally with your family and build trust.

06 Sofa in Friends

So sofa is worth most of your time and budget in interior design. Once it has been chosen, the rest of home furnishings can be built around it. Here we will introduce all details of how to choose a sofa and brand.

How to choose the right sofa?

Doing a lot of homework is necessary before buying the right sofa. There are many types of sofas in the furniture market. Usually, they are large in volume, and it’s hard to decide if you can’t have a try sitting on them.

Many people would even visit most local furniture stores, comparing and trying out different sofas again and again before they can choose one they like. What is the budget? What style is suitable for my home, what is the suitable sofa shape and size for the living room area, and what are the special needs of sofa fabric, etc.? Just take these questions before buying a sofa to avoid unnecessary returns.

08 How to buy the right sofa

What is the budget for sofa?

Sofas come in a wide range of categories, with prices ranging from £500 and £1,000, to over £10,000 and even more. Therefore, setting a rough budget for the sofa in advance is the first step.

Sofa is one of the most critical pieces of furniture to create style and atmosphere in living room space. It is usually one of the areas where we stay with family for the longest time, so the budget for sofa can account for 20%-30% of living room furnishing budget. Different price of the sofa depends on the brand.

09 Sofa Budget

You can choose one to three furniture brands according to the sofa budget, then go to these brands’ stores to check and compare sofa models.

Generally speaking, sofas from small local furniture brands or stores are more cost-effective, but the models, quality, and comfort will not be satisfactory sometimes. In contrast, sofas from well-known furniture brands are more expensive, but you have more options, and good material and quality are guaranteed.

How to choose the sofa style?

When selecting sofa styles and colors, it is important to make a macro judgment. In short: Matching the sofa to the home furnishing style is the key. Choose a sofa in whatever style the home furnishing is.

We recommend Scandinavian and Italian style sofas for their simple style, and the simpler something is, the more adaptable it is to a wide range of décor styles, which is why they are popular.

11 Sofa Styles

It should be noted that if the home is a more distinctive style, such as American or European, then the sofa should also pick the corresponding style because the options for these styles are relatively narrow. Or it would be weird to put a Chinese sofa in the American-style home.

12 American Style Sofa

Some people also like to choose mixed styles nowadays, trying to make a personalized home, so the choice principle of sofa is not limited to “match,” but “personality.”
No matter what style to choose, we recommend you discuss more with the interior designer to ensure that your personality is released as aesthetically as possible.

13 Sofa Styles

How to choose the sofa size?

Sofa size depends on the shape and size of the living room, preferably 2/3 of the living room wall, and can be reduced a little for those who want to save room space.

You can choose 3 seater or 4 seater sofa if the living room is medium-sized, 2.6m ~ 2.8m width can ensure the comfort, L shaped sofa is also a good option.; 2 seater or small 3 seater sofa should be consider if the living room is small, 1.8m width is appropriate to save more space.

14 Sofa Size

You can choose sofas without thinking too much about the size if you have a living room of more than 50 square meters, and you can even choose several sets of sofa for it.
For example, modular sofas have been popular recently and can be freely put together or separated. The total length is likely more than 5m.

You can also consider the use frequency of living room when choosing sofa size. If the family members often relax in the living room to relax, you can choose a larger sofa, as comfort is relatively more important, Or choose a smaller one if your family doesn’t spend much time in the living room.

15 Sofa Size

How to choose fabric or leather for sofas?

Different sofas use different materials for upholstery, fabric, or leather. Hard foam sofa or soft foam sofa? It depends because everyone has unique requirements.

Beautiful sofas are usually not cover removable, so you need to spend more time taking care of them. We advise you to choose a stain-resistant sofa that is easy to clean if you have kids, and you may consider sofas that resist scratching and gripping, as well as not easily attract fur if you have pets such as cat or dog.
Nowadays, most sofas are made of synthetic fabrics or leather, and there are many different sofa materials options so that you can comprehensively choose them.

16 Fabric Sofa

Here are some tips for selecting the upholstery material for the sofa: if you choose a leather sofa, is it top grain leather, split leather, or faux leather (PU)? How are the toughness, dyeing, and smell? If you choose a fabric sofa, try to check the details of the fabric type. For example, high-technology fabric sofas have been popular in recent years, and this fabric is good-looking, high quality, and easy to clean.

How to choose the fillings of sofa?

Sofa padding would also directly affect how you feel sitting on the sofa. Sponge, duvet, and latex are the normal fillings of sofa padding, and they have different comfort levels. The duvet is the most comfortable and has the best resilience. There would be a cushion to prevent quickly sinking into when you sit down on the duvet padding sofa.
Sponge is the most common sofa padding material in the market, and there are many different types of sponge for sofas. For example, memory foam is used in many high-end sofas. Usually, one sofa set will use a variety of sponges with the combination.

17 Sofa Fillings

How to choose sofa frame?

There are three types of sofa frames: all solid wood frame, solid wood with board frame, and all steel frame.

  • All solid wood frame is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Still, solid wood frame sofas are quite expensive due to the scarcity of wood resources, the limitations of solid wood drying techniques, and the difficulty of mortise and tenon joints.
  • Solid wood with board frame is made of solid wood for beams and upright supports, combined with multi-layered composite panels & boards made by nailing. This frame is widely used because of its low material cost, simple process, easy shaping, and high manufacturing efficiency.
  • All-steel frame is standard square steel tube welded and formed under a standard mold with rustproof treatment. This process is very difficult to form, with long working hours and high technical requirements. The advantages of all steel frame are good structural stability, high strength, good environmental protection, and long service life.

Extra tips for choosing sofa

We also recommend you consider details such as the armrests and depth of the sofa, as they affect the overall comfort and space occupation.

Can I choose the popular massage sofa on the market? Massage sofas are generally weaker in power than massage chairs and massagers and do not always achieve the desired effect.
How about bean bag? Bean bags will be weaker in body support, many of which are not ergonomic. Therefore we do not recommend it except for the Togo sofa.

18 Togo Sofa

We also recommend you go to local furniture stores to sit on the sofa and experience it before deciding. Do not place an order online to save time, or it would be a big problem to repack and return the sofa if you are not satisfied with it.

Finally, you can ask the designer for their professional advice before you buy a sofa and other furniture. You can tell the designer your aesthetic preferences and living habits at home, and they will make a comprehensive recommendation based on your information. This would save you lots of time and energy.

19 Tips to Buy Sofa

Which sofas do we recommend buying?

We recommend choosing sofas from classic models and famous brands because these classic sofas and furniture brands have been tested over time, and the chance of making a mistake is low.

01 Ligne Roset

20 Ligne Roset

Antoine Roset founded Ligne Roset in 1860, and now it is a French national home furnishing brand. This furniture company specializes in contemporary style furniture design, with understatedly luxurious and artistic products.

Ploum Sofa

One of Ligne Roset’s most famous products is the Ploum sofa. You will see the back of sofa as soon as you enter your home, so make sure you choose a sofa that is flawless from any angle, and Ploum sofa is simple and generous in appearance, with a beautiful curved, round and full moon shape, echoing the round living room area. It is beautiful from every angle.

20 Ploum Sofa

The Ploum sofa was created by designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in collaboration with Ligne Roset. It has won many design awards and is found in the homes of many celebrities, such as the light grey Ploum sofa below.

21 Ploum Sofa

Ploum sofa is also very comfortable, as it is made of highly elastic foam with memory properties. Sitting on this sofa is like sitting on a cloud, and the fatigue is cured immediately.

.Ploum sofa is made from mood fabric, which is highly stain-resistant and easy to clean, but this fabric has recently gone out of stock. Ploum sofa is so popular that you usually must wait 3-6 months after placing an order, so be quick if you want to own a Ploum sofa.

22 Ploum Sofa

Togo Sofa

Togo sofa is also a very popular sofa of Ligne Roset, and it has been an instant hit since its debut at the Paris Furniture Fair in 1973. French designer Michel Ducaroy designs this classic sofa, it is still a best-seller today, and you can find it in many living rooms or public areas.

24 Togo Sofa

German supermodel Claudia Schiffer shared a photo of her home, and there is a blue double Togo sofa in it, which perfectly matches the butterfly painting on the wall.

25 Togo Sofa

Togo sofa is also known as Caterpillar Sofa because of its caterpillar-like shape. It is probably the first “bean bag” worldwide. It is made entirely of polyurethane foam with a distinctive pleated finish without the frame but high-density material, so Togo sofa is flexible and strong enough to support the human body.

26 Togo Sofa

There are many options for Togo sofa, and you can choose double seater, single seater, or kids size Togo sofa. You can also choose different fabrics and leathers with different colors.
This sofa is also customizable and modularly combined.

27 Togo Sofa

Since COVID-19 in 2020, Togo Sofa has been trending on INS and is a must-have at home for many fashion bloggers, turning it into one of the ‘hottest backdrops.’

28 Togo Sofa



B&B (formerly C&B) home furnishing brand was established in 1965 and is one of the leading representatives of Made in Italy.
Whether the world-famous UP collection or Sity sofa, the world’s first L-shaped sofa, it changed the living room style.

30 B&B ITALIA Sofa

Camaleonda Sofa

Camaleonda Sofa is the most popular product of B&B, it was designed by the Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini in the 1970s, so this sofa is also known as “Bellini Sofa.”

B&B once stopped production of the Camaleonda sofa in 1979, and people had to go to junk shops to find this sofa. In 2020, B&B introduced a new sustainable fabric Camaleonda sofa.

31 Camaleonda Sofa

The upholstered part of Camaleonda sofa is built from polyurethane cushions, which are short and fat but strong enough to support. With rounded shape and expressive personality, it breaks the traditional aesthetic standards of sofas.

32 Bellini Sofa

Camaleonda sofa’s backrest, armrests, and base can be moved and combined in any way you like so that it fits perfectly into your home like a “chameleon.”

33 Camaleonda Sofa

Lovely look and free combination have made Camaleonda sofa a celebrity favorite, too. John Legend has a brown one in his home.

34 Camaleonda Sofa

Elsa Hosk and Aimee Song also have Camaleonda sofa in their homes.

35 Camaleonda Sofa



Natuzzi was Founded in 1959 in an artisanal workshop in Puglia, southern Italy. It is one of the earliest Italian home furnishing brands to enter China and has won the Red Dot Design Award for some of its products.
Natuzzi’s designers are good at drawing inspiration from Puglia, where Natuzzi was born, and incorporating it into each product in a very romantic way.


Revive Chair

Revive lounge chair has been Natuzzi’s most popular product since its launch in 2013.

38 Natuzzi Revive Chair

Timeless Sofa

Upholstered furniture is an absolute must in Natuzzi’s catalogue.

For example, this multi-seat sofa is from the Timeless collection, a new model created by designer Lorenza Bozzoli in 2021. This design is clean and full of Mediterranean lines.

39 Timeless Sofa

Inspired by the ‘petals’ of flowers, the irregular curves of sofa armrest can be seen as a flower in full bloom. The collection name “Timeless” is also a symbol of flower’s blossoming and rebirth, which is very meaningful.

40 Timeless Sofa

The irregular corner design is bold and has enough depth to support the legs fully. You can lie on it in any comfortable position.


“Soft and fat” modular sofas have become very popular recently, and the BUDDY sofa from Natuzzi combines hot elements. Inspired by irregular pebbles, it has a rounded yet geometric silhouette. The buddy sofa’s cute, short look is pleasing to the eye.

41 Buddy Sofa

This dark green BUDDY sofa is made of Byborre fabric, which has a very fine texture, and a 3D embossed effect and is also hard-wearing, making it ideal for families with children or pets.

42 BUDDY Sofa

BUDDY sofa is filled with certified high-density polyurethane, which makes it soft but strong enough to support it. It also enhances sofa longevity without warping over time.

The wide armrests of BUDDY sofa are as practical as adding a ‘single seat’ and can be used as a pillow during naps.

43 BUDDY Sofa

“Modularity” has always been one of BUDDY’s advantages, with a compact design that allows different shapes to be combined according to space and individual requirements.

44 BUDDY Sofa

04 Edra

45 Edra Furniture

Edra is also an Italian furniture brand. Its sofa collections Standard, Cipria, On the Rocks, and Pack have always been popular.

46 Edra Furniture

Boa Sofa

The whole style of Edra furniture is very artistic, and it is a must-have brand for the minimalist style. There is a “bird’s nest” shaped Boa sofa in Kendall Jenner’s home, which Kendall described as a “boa constrictor,” The chic navy + purple color is also very attractive.

47 Boa Sofa

Pack Sofa

Apart from the Boa sofa in Kendall’s home, the Pack sofa collection is the most special and recognizable model of the Edra brand family. Designer Francesco Binfarè has been in this industry for over thirty years and has worked with many luxury furniture brands. Inspired by an ice floe, he has created a polar bear lying on its back on the base.

This PACK sofa is not only creative but also intended to raise awareness of environmental issues. It is also very secure to lie on, and the price is about £16,000.

48 Edra Pack Sofa

Korean star Yoo Ah In showed off the Pack sofa in his living room on the Korean variety show I Live Alone, which matches his home perfectly.

49 Edra Pack Sofa

On the Rocks Sofa

On the Rocks sofa is also a must-have sofa in Edra. Francesco Binfarè designs it. Hongkong stars Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden have this sofa in their home.

50 Edra On the Rocks Sofa

Kai from Exo also has a grey On the Rocks sofa in his living room. It looks large and comfortable, perfect for the large living room.

51 Edra On the Rocks Sofa

On the Rocks sofa is the same as the simple version of Pack (both from the same designer, after all) and consists of several different geometric modules that can be combined to suit your space and preferences.
The backrests and cushions are not the normal angled ones, the whole On the Rocks sofa is very soft, and the lines are minimalist enough. The price is about £25,000 for a set of 4 modules.

52 Edra On the Rocks Sofa

05 Roche Bobois

53 Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois, the French luxury furniture company, has been known for its bold and pioneering designs since its inception in 1960. Not only does it often collaborate with famous furniture designers and works with fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni to create furniture with a particularly distinctive French style.

54 Roche Bobois Sofa

Bubble Sofa

The most popular Roche Bobois product is the Bubble sofa. Its rounded, angular design looks so comfortable, like a soft cloud or a small bubble, that it instantly makes your living room beautiful.

55 Bubble Sofa

Jennie has a sky blue Bubble sofa in her home, attractive bright colors, and stretchy fabric cushions that feel good against the skin, making you want to own one.

56 Blue Bubble Sofa

Mah Jong Sofa

Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois has become very popular among Hollywood stars. Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid, and Joe Jonas all have this sofa in their homes. The “squares” that make up this Mah Jong collection are much more recognizable than a plain sofa.

57 Mah Jong Sofa

Launched in 1971 by Argentinian designer Hans Hopfer, Mah Jong sofa is flexible in its combinations and can also be customized with different fabric colors.
Both Jean Paul Gaultier and Kenzō Takada had designed “skin” for the Mah Jong sofa. The exclusive colors are collectible and suitable for custom home styles.

58 Mah Jong Sofa

06 Tacchini

59 Tacchini

Tacchini was founded in 1965 and is also a high-end furniture brand from Italy. Julep sofa is the most famous product of Tacchini. It has been popular for many years.

Julep Sofa

Stockholm designer Jonas Wagell designs Julep sofa, which has particularly smooth lines without the slightest hint of angularity. They can decorate home spaces in a soft and gentle way, giving them a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

60 Julep Sofa

The irregular seat cushion shape of Julep sofa is suitable for people of all heights, so you can sit, lie down and relax your legs as much as you like. There are no angles on Julep sofa, but it has the functionality of L-shaped sofa. This sofa can be put in any corner, adding versatility to the home.

61 Julep Sofa

Claudia Schiffer is also a big fan of the Julep sofa, and she has a beautiful white one in her home.

62 Julep Sofa

07 Poltrona Frau

63 Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau was Founded in Turin in 1912 and was a furniture supplier of the Italian royal family Savoy. And this furniture manufacturer also made furniture for many luxury hotels and ocean liners.
Poltrona Frau’s style is innovative and comfortable, and the hand-crafted tailoring is unique.

Let It Be Sofa

Let It Be sofa is one of the favorite products from Poltrona Frau. The sofa’s name is inspired by the Beatles’ song “Let it Be.” It is an Italian-style sofa that everyone would love to own.

64 Let It Be Sofa

Let it Be sofa can also be seen as a modular open-plan system with endless configuration possibilities. The cantilever sofa legs design would make the clean, easy, fluffy feather cushions soft and comfortable.
Designer Ludovica and Roberto Palomba want the Let it Be sofa to help you move away from all formalism and traditional paradigms, feeling open and inclusive as the song “Let it be” suggests.

65 Let It Be Sofa

Get Back Sofa

After creating Let It Be sofa, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed the Get Back sofa for Poltrona Frau. The name is also from the Beatles’ song “Get Back.” There’s no doubt that this designer couple are Beatles fans.

The lines of Get Back sofa are open, wide, and minimalist, forming a simple L-shape. The backrest comes with a certain slope, and the two different types of armrests look versatile. Individually upholstered support makes sitting particularly comfortable.

66 Get Back Sofa

08 Cassina

67 Cassina Furniture

Cassina, founded in 1927, is another Italian luxury furniture brand. It is also bold and ornate, like most Italian home furnishing brands. Cassina has a chic and unique design concept that resonates well with people.

Soriana Sofa

Most people know Cassina for the Soriana sofa below, created by Italian designers couple Afra and Tobia Scarpa in 1969 and popular for its soft silhouette and intricate forms.

68 Soriana Sofa

Soriana sofa is covered in a large piece of leather that looks like a pleated fabric, showing how soft the leather is. The interior padding is biodegradable, and, most unusually, the base is tightened by a chrome-plated metal band, making it recognizable and safe. Single, double, and triple seats options are available, and prices range from £6,000 to £16,000.

69 Soriana Sofa

Soriana sofa was awarded the Compasso d’Oro Golden Gauge in 1970, then Cassina stopped production for this sofa in 1982 due to changing trends.
But later, after strong appeals from interior designers Kelly Wearstler and Rodman Primack, a new version of Soriana sofa was finally resumed in 2021. Any trend is a reincarnation.

70 Kelly Wearstler


That’s our guide on how to choose sofa and brand. Welcome to leave a comment or contact us. We would appreciate you sharing our post.

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