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Abbreviation List of 260 Sea Shipping Lines

Sea shipping has played an important role in the import from China business. Our furniture products are usually heavy and large in scale even after knockdown package, most customers would choose to ship furniture with containers from sea shipping lines & companies instead of DHL, UPS, or FedEx. Although sea shipping would cost more days than air express, the cost is much cheaper even it has increased a lot because of COVID-19 and containers shortage in recent years, the goods in containers also can be well protected and they are not easily damaged as by air, therefore, many importers still choose to ship goods from China by sea. We list the abbreviation of 260 sea shipping companies here for reference, you can use CTRL+F to find results fast, please contact us if you need to import from China.

Sea Shipping Lines Table

AbbreviationCompany NameWebsiteCountry / Area
ACBLAmerican Commercial Barge Line States
ACGRThe Ace Group
ACLAtlantic Container Line
ACTAssociated Container Transport LtdAustralia
AECSAustralia Europe Container ServiceAustralia
AELAmerican-European LinesU.S.A
AEXLAmerican Export Lines
AFSAsia Fortune (H.K.) Shipping Company LimitedHong Kong
AFSCAfrican Steamship CompanyU.K.
AJCLAustralia Japan Container LineAustralia
AMLAmerican Mail LineU.S.A
AMPTCArab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company
ANDAdriatica di Navigazione SpA
ANLAustralian National Line
ANSTArya National Shipping Lines
APLAmerican President Lines, LLChttps://www.apl.comU.S.A
ASCAlaska Steamship CompanyU.S.A
ASTAAsahi Tanker Co.,Ltdhttps://www.asahi-tanker.comJapan
ATLAsia Terminal LimitedHong Kong
ATTLAtlantic Transport lineU.S.A
BKKong Hing Agency Limited Kong
BLCBen Line Containers LimitedScotland
BOLBaltic Orient LineSingapore
BRNBulgarian River Navigation
BSABlue Star LineU.K.
BSCBangladesh Shipping Corporation
BSPBaltimore Steam Packet CompanyU.S.A
BTCBethlehem Transportation Co.U.S.A
CATCanada Atlantic Transit Company of UnitedCanada
CAUAustralia Container LineAustralia
CBCCentury Bridge Container Line LtdHong Kong
CCCCompass Container Group
CCCOCalifornia Cargo ContainerU.S.A
CCLCalifornia Container LineU.S.A
CCNICompañía Chilena de Navegación InteroceánicaChile
CGLCanadian Gulf LineU.S.A
CGMFCompagnie Générale Maritime et FinancièreFrance
CHFChiao Feng Shipping ltd Kong
CHPChinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company & Poland
CIMCChina International Marine Containers (Group) Ltdhttps://www.cimc.comChina
CJFChina-Japan International Ferry Co Ltd
CKSChun Kyung Shipping Co Ltd
CLOCLOU Container Leasing GmbH
CLSChiu Lun Container Transportation Company LtdHong Kong
CMAThe CMA CGM Grouphttps://www.cma-cgm.comFrance
CMCSChina Merchants Container Services Ltd Kong
CMSNCChina Merchants Steam Navigation Company, LimitedHong Kong
CNCCheng Lie Navigation Co., Ltd.
CNCCChina National Chartering Corporation
CNSCanadian National Steamships Co. LtdCanada
COHECoheung Marine Shipping Company LimitedSouth Korea
COMANAVCompagnie Marocaine de Navigationhttps://www.cma-cgm.comMorocco
COMAUNAMCompagnie Mauritanienne de Navigation Maritime
CONContrans Logistik GmbHhttps://cas-gruppe.deGermany
CPVCompañía Peruana de VaporesPeru
CSAVCompañía Sud Americana de Vapores
CSCChina Shipping Co.,Ltd
CSCLChina Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd Kong
CSLCanada Steamship Lines Ltd
CTNCompagnie Tunisienne de Navigation
CUCMSCompagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de SuezFrance
CYLChoyang Shipping Co., LtdSouth Korea
DFDSDet Forenede Dampskibsselskabhttps://www.dfds.comDenmark
DOCENAVENavegação Vale do Rio Doce S.A.http://www.docenave.comBrazil
DONGNAMADongnama Shipping Co., LtdSouth Korea
DSRSenator LinesGermany
DYPegasus Container Service
E&AEastern & Australian Steam Navigation CompanyAustralia
EACEast Asiatic CompanyDenmark
EASCEast Africa Shipping Company
EFFEAEmpresa Flota Fluvial del Estado ArgentinoArgentina
EGSELEver Glory Shipping Enterprises LtdHong Kong
ELMAEmpresa Líneas Marítimas ArgentinasArgentina
EMPREMAREmpresa Maritima del EstadoChile
ESLEastern Steamship LinesU.S.A
ESLEastern Shipping Lines IncorporatedPakistan
EMCEvergreen Marine Corp.
EXCExcelsior Shipping Co.,ltdTaiwan
FESCOFar Eastern Shipping Company
FINLFinnlines Oyj
FRONAPEFrota Nacional de Petroleiros
FTIFleet Trans International LtdHong Kong
FUJLFuji Steamship Co., LtdJapan
FWSCLand-Ocean Inchcape International Container Transport Co.,LtdChina
FWSLFairweather Steamship Co., LtdHong Kong
GFGolden Fortune Shipping Co., Ltd Kong
GGGuan Guan Shipping LtdSingapore
GLEGreat Lakes and European LinesU.S.A
GOLGolf Ocean Lines LtdU.S.A
GONCGreat Oversea Navigation Co.LtdHong Kong
GSLGold Star Line Ltd Kong
GSNCGeneral Steam Navigation CompanyU.K.
GSTGenstar Container CorpU.S.A
GWSGreat Western Steam Ship CompanyU.K.
HAMPT. Hamada Global Jayahttp://hamada-group.comIndonesia
Hapag LloydHapag-Lloyd AGhttps://www.hapag-lloyd.comGermany
HASCOShanghai Hai Hua Shipping Co Ltd
HATSUHatsu Marine LimitedU.K.
HEUNG-AHeung-A Shipping Co., Ltd Korea
HJSHanjin Shipping Co., Ltd Korea
HKELHongKong Export Lines LtdHong Kong
HKISHong Kong Islands Shipping LtdHong Kong
HKMHong Kong Maritime Kong
HMMHMM Co., Ltd (Hyundai Merchant Marine)https://www.hmm21.comSouth Korea
HSLHope Sea LtdHong Kong
ICCUICCU Containers SpAItaly
ICLIndependent Container Line
ICSNIndo-China Steam Navigation Company LtdHong Kong
IEAIntermodal Equipment AssociatesU.S.A
ILOInter-Ocean Container Leasing INCU.S.A
ISAInternational Shipping Agency Co. Ltdhttps://www.isakwi.comKuwait
ITLItel Containers International CorpU.S.A
IWTIrawaddy Water Transport CorporationMyanmar
JCSJCS Logistics Corporation
JCTJeuro Container Transport Inc
JLJohnson LineSweden
JSMJiangsu Marine Shipping Co., Ltd
JUGJugolinija (Croatia Line)Croatia
K LINEKawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd
KMTCKorea Marine Transport Co., Ltd Korea
KNOWKonwa Shipping Company LimitedHong Kong
KNSMKoninklijke Nederlandse Stoomboot-MaatschappijNetherlands
KOTCKuwait Oil Tanker Co. S.A.K.
KSCKuwait Shipping CompanyKuwait
KSLKorea Shipping LineSouth Korea
KYKIKyowa Kisen Co., Ltd
LALLloyd Triestino Di Navigazione Spa (Italia Marittima S.p.A.)
LHSLHS Worldwide
LIBRALinhas Brasileiras de NavegacaoBrazil
LLBLloyd BrasileiroBrazil
LNBBolivia Shipping Co.,LtdBolivia
LUSCLuzon Stevedoring CompanyPhilippines
LYKLykes Lines (Lykes Bros. Steamship Co)U.S.A
MATMatson, Inc
MCPMaritime Company of the PhilippinesPhilippines
MISCMalaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC Berhad)
MOSKMitsui O.S.K. Lines
MSCMediterranean Shipping Company
MSHKambara Kisen Co., Ltd
MSKA.P. Moller – Maerskhttps://www.maersk.comDenmark
NAGDINagoya Kisen KK
NANTANaniwa Tanker Co Ltd
NASCNetherlands Advisory Shipping CouncilNetherlands
NBCNational Bulk CarrierU.S.A
NCLNippon Container Leasing Co.LtdJapan
NCYNippon Container Yuso Co.,Ltd
NEDLNedlloyd LinesNetherlands
NISLNissei lineJapan
NITCNational Iranian Tanker CompanyIran
NNSLNigerian National Shipping LineNigeria
NOLNeptune Orient LinesSingapore
NSNamsung Shipping Co.,Ltd Korea
NECSABahri (National Shipping Co. of Saudi Arabia) Arabia
NSLNew Sanyo LineJapan
NTLNantai Line Co., LtdSouth Africa
NYKNippon Yūsen Kabushiki Kaishahttps://www.nyk.comJapan
NZSCNew Zealand Shipping CompanyNew Zealand
OCCTraco Container Leasing GmbHGermany
OLOrient Steam Navigation CompanyU.K.
OOCLOrient Overseas Container Linehttps://www.oocl.comHong Kong
P&OP&O Maritime Logisticshttps://pomaritime.comU.A.E
PAEPacific Asia Express Pty Ltd
PALPan Asia Line
PCCPort (Cargo) CorporationSri Lanka
PCSPan Continental Shipping Co Ltd Korea
PENAChina Ocean Shipping Agency Co., LtdChina
PGSTPanama Globe Steamer Lines S APanama
PILPacific International Lines (Hong Kong) Limited Kong
PNSCPakistan National Shipping Corporation
PONP&O Nedlloyd Container Line Limited
POLPolish Ocean Lines Inc
POWPowick Shipping LtdHong Kong
PSLPusan Shipping Co LtdSouth Korea
PSNCPacific Steam Navigation CompanyU.K.
PSSPacific Steamship CompanyU.S.A
RCRickmers Line (Zeaborn)Germany
RCLRegional Container Lineshttps://www.rclgroup.comThailand
RICORico Logisticshttps://www.ricogroup.globalU.K.
RNGRoyal Nedlloyd GroupNetherlands
SAKASanyo Kaiun Co., Ltd
SALSvenska Amerika LinienSweden
SAMSouth African Marine CorpsSouth Africa
SSLSamudera Shipping Line Ltdhttps://samudera.idSingapore
SCIShipping Corporation of India Ltd
SCLSCL Logisticshttp://www.scllogistics.comIndia
SCTShekou Container Terminals Ltdhttp://www.sctcn.comChina
SEACSea Containers LtdU.K.
SETHSeth Shipping
SHWAShinwa Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd
SIIFShanghai Inchon International Ferry Co., Ltd
SILBStraits Inter Logistics Berhad
SINOTRANSSinotrans Limited
SITCSITC International Holdings Co., Ltdhttps://www.sitc.comChina
SJJShanghai Jinjiang Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd
SKHSKH Shipping Limited Kong
SKRSinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd Korea
SLSea-Land Orient LtdHong Kong
SLTSolutions Logistics & Transportation LLC
SMSM Linehttps://www.smlines.comSouth Korea
SMSStraits Marine Services Pte Ltd
SNKOSinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd Korea
SNLSinotrans Container Lines Co., Ltd.
SOAEMSociété Ouest Africaine d’Entreprises MaritimesSenegal
SONATRAMEntreprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de VoyageursAlgeria
SPCSteam Packet CompanyU.K.
SPLCompañía Transatlántica EspañolaSpain
SPSSSouthern Pacific Steamship LinesU.S.A
SSLSouthern Steamship LineU.S.A
SSLSASamudera Shipping Line Ltd.https://samudera.idSingapore
STTShirlstar Container Transport LtdU.K.
SUDHamburg Südhttps://www.hamburgsud-line.comGermany
SWALShowa Line LtdJapan
SWSSwell Chief Shipping Co.,LtdJapan
SWIRSwire Shipping (Agencies) Ltd
SYMShandong Province Yantai International Marine Shipping Co.China
TALTransamerica Leasing IncU.S.A
TASTAS Shipping & Transport Sdn. Bhd
TFLTrans Freight Lines
TEXTextainer Group
THIT.H.I. Grouphttp://www.thi-group.comHong Kong
TJSTSinotrans Tianjin Co.,LtdChina
TKSLTianjin-Kobe International Shipping Co., LtdChina
TMMTransportación Marítima Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.
TMSTianjin Marine Shipping Co., Ltd
TOHOTOHO Line Shipping ltdHong Kong
TOLTrans Ocean Leasing CorpU.S.A
TPHTiphook Container Rental Company LimitedU.K.
TRTamron Shipping Co.,LtdHong Kong
TRCTRC SHIPPING s.r.l.http://www.trcshipping.euItaly
TRITriton Container International Ltd
TRNOHong Kong Trident Shipping Agency CoHong Kong
TRPCTranpac Shipping Enterrises LimitedHong Kong
TRWLWallem Shipping (HK) Limited Kong
UASCUnited Arab Shipping Companyhttp://www.uasc.netKuwait
UFCFlexi-Van Leasing, LLC
UNGUniglory LineTaiwan
UNIUni-World Shipping (H.K.) LtdHong Kong
UNISCOShanghai Port United International Ocean Shipping Agency Ltd
UNSUnison Shipping LTD
VANEVANE SIL Shipping Co.,ltdHong Kong
WANHAIWan Hai Lineshttps://www.wanhai.comTaiwan
WCLWorld Container Leasing LtdJapan
WELV-Grow Logistics Grouphttp://www.v-grow.comChina
WORMAWorldwide MarineU.S.A
WSDLWide Shine Development Ltd. Kong
XCDCross Country Leasing, IncU.S.A
XTRXtra Inc.
YAKAYabuki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd
YHY & H Cargo
YICTYantian International Container Terminals
YMLYang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
YSNLY.S Nearseas Line Co., ltdJapan
ZCSZim Container ServiceIsrael
ZIMZIM Integrated Shipping Services

Summary of sea shipping lines list

COSCO Sea Shipping Lines

That’s our abbreviation list of 260 sea shipping companies, you can contact us or leave comment if you find any mistakes or missing in this sea shipping lines list, thank you for reading this post and we would appreciate it if you can share it.

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