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9 Famous Garden Furniture Brands

Here we introduce 9 internationally renowned furniture brands and their representative outdoor furniture products that might make your garden, patio, terrace or balcony more beautiful.

01 Garden Furniture Brands

01 MAGIS from Italy

02 MAGIS Italy

Eugenio Perazza founded the Italian brand MAGIS in 1976, first known for its use of plastics. Still, later MAGIS moved on to venture into more high-tech materials such as synthetic aluminium.

Regardless of material breakthroughs, MAGIS always emphasises creativity, linearity and fun life. Now MAGIS has more than 200 pieces of furniture collected by top museums worldwide – for example, this gyroscopic chair below – does it look familiar?

03 Magis Spun Chair

Magis Spun Chair

Designer:Thomas Heatherwick

04 Thomas Heatherwick

Designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, Magis Spun chair has been on sale for over 10 years and has stood the test of time for its unique style and the outstanding quality of its polyethene material.

05 Magis Spun Chair

The Spun chair has the shape of a spinning top and can be spun like a top. You can place it indoor or outdoor, and it exudes a sculptural beauty when viewed from close up or a distance.

06 Magis Spun Chair
07 Magis Spun Chair

Gazing at the delicate lines of spun chair is like being caught in a vortex. But when you sit on and rock it, the centrifugal and centripetal forces transform it into a toy in an instant.

Magis Milà Chair

Designer:Jaime Hayón

08 Magis Milà Chair
09 Magis Milà Chair

“Straight lines belong to man, curves belong to God.” Spanish architect Gaudi said. Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayón took inspiration from Gaudi’s favourite building Casa de la Mira, and then he created Milà chair.

10 Jaime Hayón

Like the Casa de la Mira, the Milà chair is dedicated to disappearing sharp corners so that every part of this chair reveals its full curves.
Milà chair is gas injection moulded, the silky effect surface is tactile, and the form is simple but refined enough.

11 Magis Milà Chair
12 Magis Milà Chair

The back of Milà chair is hollowed out, which makes it not easily dirty by dust, and the stackable design of this chair makes it convenient for daily use, especially outdoor.

13 Magis Milà Chair



B&B Italia was created in 1966 and is now one of the most famous Italia furniture brands. It has worked with world-renowned designers to enrich people’s imagination with simple and elegant designs for modern home life. You can find low-profile technology, outstanding functionality and quiet elegance in B&B products.

Garden furniture products are just as excellent as indoor furniture in the B&B Italia products family.


B&B Ayana Chair

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

16 B&B Ayana Chair

Ayana chair can add oriental charm to any garden or outdoor environment.

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has worked with B&B Italia for many years. A few years ago, Giorgio Busnelli, label president of B&B Italia, said in an interview that he had seen a collection of lamps in Tokyo more than ten years ago and, knowing that they were the work of Naoto Fukasawa. Giorgio Busnelli had decided to work with Naoto Fukasawa. The Ayana collection is proof that it was the right choice.

17 B&B Ayana Collection
18 Naoto Fukasawa
19 B&B Ayana Chair

Ayana furniture collection is very simple, as B&B Italia has always been. But this furniture series has its softness, warmth and playfulness. The armrests, backrest and bottom support are all made of thin, rounded wooden strips with direct and subtle intersections of straight lines. Smooth curves are natural and elegant from any angle. Ayana furniture would not look out of place on a grass verge, under a flowering branch, or on a concrete floor.

20 B&B Ayana Collection

Naoto Fukasawa has also designed different heights for the armrest of Ayana sofa and chair, which make these furniture products more comfortable. The Ayana sofa and chair cushions are covered with a waterproof fabric, and they are easy for outdoor use and not difficult to care for.

21 B&B Ayana Collection

In addition to sofa and chair, Ayana collection includes dining table and coffee table with beautiful Alpine serpentine top.

03 GUBI from Denmark

22 GUBI Furniture

Danish furniture brand GUBI was founded in 1967 with the idea of staying in fashion, eclectic and unconventional, regardless of how time passes and things change.
GUBI specialises in collaborating with designers, sculptors and artists from different countries, drawing inspiration from the 1930s to 1970s, bringing forgotten icons of the past together with tomorrow’s classics and creating furniture products with minimalist, elegant lines that balance classic elements with fashion trends.

23 GUBI Furniture

GUBI Tropique Chair

Designer : Mathieu Matégot

Tropique chair is charming with a simple and playful frame, and if you look down carefully, the distinctive slender curves of chair legs are the hallmark of designer Mathieu Matégot’s style.

24 GUBI Tropique Chair

Mathieu Matégot was born in Hungary and later settled in France. Then, he founded his studio in Paris after the Second World War. The Tropique collection was one of his masterpieces.

25 Mathieu Matégot

Tropique chair was designed in 1951 and relaunched by GUBI in 2022, and it is the winner of the ‘Best Patio Pick’ category in the Monocle Design Awards 2022.
Slightly different from the original design, the upholstery part of the new Tropique chair is replaceable, which makes it more durable.

26 GUBI Tropique Chair

Tropique chair is light, elegant and romantic, it has a charm that not even time can take away. White tassels swaying slightly in the wind, is a beautiful view, especially in the dense green of lush trees and grass.

27 GUBI Tropique Chair


Designer: GamFratesi Studio

28 GUBI TS Table

TS table collection was originally designed by Gam Fratesi Studio (founded by Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi in 2006) for a well-known restaurant in Copenhagen. This collection is highly acclaimed, so Gam Fratesi designed an outdoor version of TS side table and coffee table in black later.

29 GamFratesi Studio

The black stainless steel base remains a delightful slender leg with wonderfully crossed lines forming a geometric aesthetic. The table top remains exquisitely luxurious, like a frozen cloud with its sculptural feel. As time goes by, the natural stone top would keep new and constantly change to a different and beautiful lustre.

30 GUBI TS Table

The understated colour scheme makes TS table collection suitable for most GUBI outdoor chairs and sofas, forming a harmonious landscape.

31 GUBI TS Table

04 VONDOM from Spain

32 VONDOM Furniture

“We are VONDOM! Created for you who are dynamic and looking for something new!”
Spanish furniture brand VONDOM has always been a trendsetter, and it is a favorite of space art lovers and the initiator of “Valencia World Design Capital 2022”.

VONDOM’s emphasis on precision workmanship and long-lasting quality, its products have a distinctive, strong artistic personality, bringing richness and recognition to minimalist spaces, and this brand has many famous products.

Vondom Adan Planter

Designer : Teresa Sapey

33 Vondom Adan Planter

Planters, an integral part of the outdoor garden world, are part of the environment art itself. Want to unleash your personality? Try Adan Planter, with its three-dimensional shape and diamond-like facets, which is eye-catching from any angle.

Try planting different plants, and it gets a different ‘hairstyle’ – long, slender grass means beautiful hair flutters in the wind. Cactus will let you get a raging sense. What’s more, with Adan’s built-in lighting, it’s art in every sense of the word.

34 Vondom Adan Planter
35 Vondom Adan Planter

Vondom Ibiza Lounge

Designer:Eugeni Quitllet

36 Ibiza Lounge

It’s hard to win when lying down, but luckily, we can choose to lie without doing anything, so Ibiza lounge is the best option.

40 Ibiza Lounge

Eugeni Quitllet, Designer of the Ibiza collection, said that every idea comes from the light and the sea as life does, From the fleeting beauty of a season to an everlasting piece to keep this moment of a dream in a permanent frame., ” He says it best, isn’t lying down for a beautiful dream?

41 Ibiza Lounge

Eugeni Quitllet not only admires the undulating curves of the sea under sunlight but also notices what plastic items look like after being washed by the sea, sometimes resembling artificial shells.

42 Ibiza Lounge
43 Ibiza Lounge

He decided to make a new product series from recycled plastic in the Mediterranean. Ibiza is the first series of “VONDOM Revolution.” Polypropylene plastic material shines with the help of air-jet technology and glass fiber. The surface of Ibiza lounge bends like a wave to form a subtle form with just the right support, and when you lie down and spread out on this lounger under sunlight, your skin and mood unfold.

44 Ibiza Lounge

05 Kartell Furniture from Italy

45 Kartell Furniture

People always joke that some feelings and faces are “plastic,” but not all plastic products are low-end. Some plastic furniture represents advanced technology, and the finished product is high quality. Yes, they are from the Italian brand Kartell.

46 Kartell Brand

Founded in 1949, Kartell is now a top brand in the plastic furniture market. Their furniture and interior decoration are often masterfully crafted, brightly colored, and functional, and there are so many Kartell products that you can’t help but take home. The following storage cabinet from Kartell, I believe you have seen in many bloggers’ home.

47 Kartell Products

Here we focus on Kartell garden furniture.

Kartell Ghost Chairs

Designer:Philippe Starck

48 Kartell Ghost Chairs

Since its ‘debut’ in 2002, Ghost Chair has been popular for 20 years. Philippe Starck, the French designer of Ghost chair, was inspired by the French Royal chairs with Baroque style. The beauty of the former luxury chair made by French royalty has been preserved, and it transformed into a modern, light, and transparent chair at an affordable price – who wouldn’t want to own one?

49 Kartell Ghost Collection

Philippe Starck has taken a bold step of using transparent or colored polycarbonate, and Ghost chairs are molded in one set. The entire chair is as clear and delicate as crystal, and the rounded medallion shape back is self-conscious. The construction and materials are solid and reliable, and they can adapt to different temperatures and environments, both indoor and outdoor. You can stack up to six Ghost chairs in a small space, greatly reducing the storage trouble.

50 Kartell Ghost Chairs

The Ghost chairs family now has four members.

  1. Louis Ghost Chair: with armrests, it is the most classic.
  2. Lou Lou Ghost Chair: the baby version of Louis Ghost chair.
  3. Victoria Ghost Chair: A slimmer and more elegant version of Louis Ghost Chair, without armrests.
  4. Charles Ghost Chair: Inspired by furniture styles in the 19th century, also suitable for outdoor use.
51 Louis Ghost Chair
52 Lou Lou Ghost Chair
53 Victoria Ghost Chair
54 Charles Ghost Chair

All four types of chairs are available in a wide range of colors: transparent, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, or black, all of which are quite beautiful.

Kartell Sparkle Side Table / Stool

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka

55 Kartell Sparkle Side Table & Stool

How would you use the beautiful, glowing Sparkle? The answer is that it can be used as a side table or a stool. Because of its rich color, it can be placed individually or in small combinations to brighten up the garden beautifully.

56 Kartell Sparkle Side Table

Tokujin Yoshioka, the Japanese designer of Sparkle collection, likes to ponder the form and variability of a single material and is particularly obsessed with the light game: “To be precise, what I design is time, air and light.”

This Sparkle coffee table/stool has uneven “ridges” that curve delicately. Like crystal glass, the colorful effect produces a fascinating result of light refraction.

57 Kartell Sparkle Side Table & Stool

Whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day, the subtle folds on the surface of the sparkle side table/stool flow and change subtly with the light around it from early morning to night.

You can set the sparkle collection indoor for a while, then put it outside for a time. Both will make a beautiful view.

06 Cassina Furniture from Italy

58 Cassina Furniture

To create a stylish and tasteful garden, in addition to plants and ground (water) that change with the seasons, you also need to create an elegant event place in this garden; Cassina is a good option then.

Founded in 1927, Cassina will be a century-old Italian brand in a few years, and it combined traditional workmanship with modern technology to produce simple, unfading elegant furniture products.

59 Cassina Furniture

Cassina Dine Out Table

Designer : Rodolfo Dordoni

60 Cassina Dine Out

Can you take three meals all day outdoor? Drinking tea and coffee and sharing fresh fruits, vegetables, and delicious dishes with family and friends. This long, exquisite Cassina dine out collection is what you are looking for.

61 Cassina Dine Out

Italian design master Rodolfo Dordoni has collaborated with Cassina to create this Dine Out table for outdoor life, and it is available in square and round sizes.

62 Cassina Dine Out

The tapered bases of rectangular dine out table are wonderful, either in yellow and white or green and white terrazzo or concrete material. Their width contrasts with the teak table top above, providing stability and comfort that can be easily integrated into different garden landscape design styles.

63 Cassina Dine Out

07 Fatboy Furniture

64 Fatboy Furniture

Fatboy was originally the name of a beanbag sofa collection. Finnish designer Jukka Setälä was obsessed with the works of British electronic music producer Fatboy Silm when he designed the beanbag sofa collection, so he used the name specifically.

65 Fatboy Bean Bag

The Fatboy collection sold well after it launched in the market. Dutch designer Alex Bergman took over this company and officially named it Fatboy. This brand now has stools, tables, lamps, and outdoor hammocks, and even YSL is collaborating with Fatboy on a bean bag sofa.

66 Fatboy Furniture

Fatboy Original Floatzac Beanbag

Designer : Jukka Setälä

67 Fatboy Bean Bag

Relaxation and comfort are essential features of beanbag sofas. The large size of Original Floatzac Beanbag allows the seater to adjust when necessary, finding the most comfortable position.

68 Fatboy Bean Bag

But “fun” is the soul of Fatboy Original Floatzac Beanbag: it’s amphibious. You can push it into the pool with your friends in summer and enjoy the fun of lounger in the water.
Fatboy Original Floatzac Beanbag is padded with quick-drying, waterproof material and has a sturdy mesh underneath to keep the water out. The seat adjustment strap can be used as a handle so that this beanbag can be easily put into the water or pulled out. The material is chlorine resistant, considering the test of water and sunlight.

69 Fatboy Bean Bag
70 Fatboy Bean Bag

Fatboy Original Floatzac Beanbag is durable because of the protective cover made of special material (recycled PET bottles) and is very resistant to bad weather. The cleaning is easy. Just wipe it with a wet rag.

71 Fatboy Bean Bag
72 Fatboy Bean Bag

08 Tribù from Belgium

73 Tribù Design

Belgian design brand Tribù seems to be in tune with the Chinese. This brand’s philosophy is “the art of leisure.” Coincidentally, Lin Yutang (Chinese writer, linguist, and essayist) also said, “The art of Chinese living is just one word – leisure.”

74 Tribù Furniture

Tribù has advocated that terrace and garden should be an extension of the home living space since the early 1990s, so they have been working to find new materials to create modern garden furniture for all weather conditions – comfortable to sit on, avoiding odd shapes and colors, simple but with all sorts of sophisticated details, purely stylish but also extravagantly discreet.

Tribù Nodi Sofa and Lounger

Designer : Yabu Pushelberg

75 Tribù Nodi Armchair

Nodi collection is designed by the world-renowned interior design studio Yabu Pushelberg, which designs for many hotel brands.
Space design from Yabu Pushelberg usually is unique, understated, and luxurious with an artistic flair, which makes them a natural fit for furniture design.

76 Yabu Pushelberg

There are three outdoor furniture products in the Tribù Nodi collection: sofa, armchair, and lounger. All nodi products are light and airy in silhouette, with twisted and interwoven ropes that stretch over a geometric chair frame, making the seat and backrest more stable.

77 Tribù Nodi Collection
78 Tribù Nodi Collection

The rope, ancient and modern, is distinctly intimate and relaxed. This casual lightness of ropes adds a touch of premium quality thanks to the delicate proportions and minimalist materials.

79 Tribù Nodi Collection
80 Tribù Nodi Furniture

Tribù Monsieur Tricot Lighting Collection

Designer : Ilia Eckardt

81 Tribù Monsieur Tricot Lighting Collection

Wonderful outdoor lighting makes the patio and gardens a quiet and wonderful place at night.

82 Tribù Monsieur Tricot Lighting Collection

Influenced by her mother, designer Ilia Eckardt grew up immersed in the vibrant Belgian fashion scene and was fascinated by knitting and weaving, which are the secret of the Monsieur Tricot lighting collection she designed.

83 Ilia Eckardt
84 Tribù Monsieur Tricot Lighting

When the Monsieur Tricot floor lamp is switched on in different forms at night, the soft, warm light spreads out in clusters, casting fine patterns on the ground and walls, imprinting layers and circles. It is so gentle that you can’t bear to enjoy it alone.

85 Tribù Monsieur Tricot Lighting

09 Paola Lenti from Italy

86 Paola Lenti

Founded only in 1994, Italian outdoor furniture brand Paola Lenti is a newcomer compared to more than 50 years of furniture brands. Still, it has risen to prominence and captured the hearts of consumers in just over 20 years.

87 Paola Lenti Furniture

Why is Paola Lenti so popular? Designer Paolo Lenti says: “Colour has a huge impact on my daily life, and I have never seen the world in black and white.

Paolo Lenti’s color philosophy is based on “nature” and is purely beautiful. In her hands, hundreds of colors are never laid out or collaged but are subordinated to individual artistic creations.

88 Paola Lenti Furniture

Paola Lenti originally started as a textile company, and its fabric designs are extraordinarily diverse and subtle because of making good use of new high-tech materials. Bold minimalist shapes in various bright colors would make you want to say, “Good, you’ve managed to catch my attention successfully.”

Paola Lenti Giunco Armchair

Designer : F. Bettoni

At first glance, the Giunco armchair looks like a hand-woven ‘nest,’ but you can create a wide range of patterns with the pebble-shaped seat and square back cushions, either in the same or a clash of colors, each with its remarkable effect.

89 Paola Lenti Giunco Armchair
90 Paola Lenti Giunco Armchair

The seat and back cushion of Giunco armchair is removable and replaceable. It is waterproof and resistant to pressure, provides comfortable seating, and is easy to clean and maintain. The bright, pure colors of the Giunco armchair instantly brighten up the space when placed in the garden, terrace, or balcony.


That’s our introduction to 9 garden furniture brands. Are there any furniture brands or products missing? Welcome to leave comments or contact us. We would appreciate you sharing our post.

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